Texas Coastal Study

Coastal Texas Protection & Restoration Feasibility Study 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in partnership with the Texas General Land Office, began an examination in November 2015 of the feasibility of constructing projects for coastal storm risk management and ecosystem restoration along the Texas coast.  The Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study, also known as the Coastal Texas Study, will involve engineering, economic and environmental analyses on large-scale projects, which may be considered by Congress for authorization and funding.  The feasibility study and report will be complete in 2021.  The Coastal Texas Study also will include a Comprehensive Plan to provide a long-term approach to enhance resiliency in coastal communities and improve our capabilities to prepare for, resist, recover and adapt to coastal hazards.

Storm Surge


Develop and evaluate coastal storm risk management solutions to reduce the damage from tropical storms and hurricanes incurred by coastal Texas residents, small businesses and industries.

Storm Surge


Increase the net quality and quantity of coastal ecosystem resources by maintaining, protecting and restoring coastal Texas ecosystems, and fish and wildlife habitat.

Storm Surge


The Comprehensive Plan will provide an overarching, long-term strategic vision of a resilient Texas coast that supports, protects and sustains the environment, economy and culture of the region.