The timeline to complete the milestones for the Coastal Texas Study is as follows:

Receive exemption approval by USACE. September 2015

Receive exemption approval by the Office Of the Assistant Security of the Army for Civil Works and the Office of Management and Budget.

November 2015
Execute Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement. November 2015

Alternative Evaluation Analysis


Identify viable projects for consideration evaluation and comparison.

June 2016
Identify projects for feasibility analysis.  Include draft environmental impact statement for public input.  Draft Tentatively Selected Plan. May 2018
Feasibility Level Analysis  

Further refinement of Tentatively Selected Plan based on additional data and evaluation for USACE endorsement.

October 2018

Complete Feasibility Report by incorporating in-depth analysis of the Tentatively Selected Plan and additional cost analysis.

October 2020

Submit Feasibility Report to the USACE Headquarters   for evaluation.

January 2021

Final Feasibility Report released for review by the Texas Governor’s Office, federal, state and local elected officials in the affected areas, state and federal resource agencies, and tribes.

February 2021
Finalize Chief’s Report for submittal to Congress. April 2021

Major milestones for the development of the Coastal Texas Study

Study Process